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Where to start with Greece? If there’s a country that can truly say it offers something for everyone, then it’s Hellas. History? It practically invented the term and let us not get started on the cultural, sporting, scientific legacies, its landscapes, islands, and blue seas.
These are some of the tangibles. The intangibles are just as impressive and by that we mean the people of Greece have an infectious joie de vivre. They combine the passion of the Spanish, say, and a historical legacy that perhaps only the Italians can match.
The Greeks are direct (if they like you, you’ll know it), proud of their country’s legacy and who will do their utmost to welcome travellers. Basically, the many facets of Greece on offer provide a treasure trove of possibilities. Whether its island hopping you’re into, the legacy of ancient Greece, its bustling cities or mountains, there’s something here for you.

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Greece - island hotels, bed & breakfasts and boutique hotels

Welcome to our unique selection of small, beautiful and boutique hotels in Greece. Secretplaces highlights only truly special accommodations, so whatever your reasons to travel, be it a romantic getaway, an island holiday or just the thrill of staying at a small Greek Taberna in Crete, Secretplaces will help you find the perfect spot in Greece.

Greece - where to go

It is the islands that first come to mind. The fabulous CycladesSantorini, Mykonos et al, Crete and the lesser known, more peaceful Lesvos and Kea. The Peloponnese is famous for its Mountain landscapes and coastline.
Athens is famous for, well… being Athens, with the Acropolis lording it over this most bustling of cities. If it’s ancient Greece you want then don’t forget Olympia and Delphi as well, but we haven’t even began to scratch the surface.

Ideias de viagens, itinerários e os melhores lugares para ficar

Apenas casado ou simplesmente apaixonado? Dê uma olhada nos nossos hotéis e turismos de habitação mais românticos, elegantes e idílicos. Elegância luxuosa ou ambiente bonito, a escolha é ampla…
A handpicked selection of elegant and luxurious accommodations. From five-star hotels to beautifully decorated guesthouses in unique surroundings ….
Close your eyes and imagine: just you, the mountains, valleys or the sea. Escape daily routine and enjoy the magic of nature in one of our secluded getaways set in amazing surroundings.
Quem disse que as coisas boas têm de ser caras? Descobrimos uma série de pequenos hotéis e alojamentos com preços acessíveis, sem perder conforto, serviço e beleza.
Child friendly hotels and self-catering holiday homes great for children and parents alike. Let your kids enjoy nature and local traditions in the company of others with lots of unique things to do …
Traditional dishes prepared with fresh local produce, lovingly prepared comfort food in a rustic setting or fine dining in an elegant environment, everyone has his preferences …
Take part of the laid back village life, stroll along cobblestone streets, dine in small traditional restaurants and smile at the locals on the main square.
There are so many beautiful wine regions that it is hard to make a choice. Besides the Chianti in Italy, Burgundy in France, the Douro in Portugal or La Rioja in Spain there are endless more …
Don’t want to leave your favourite pet at home? Just stay in one of our hotels and guesthouses where animals are welcome.
Feel like going out somewhere different and exciting, dining in that hip new restaurant or just to enjoy a different culture? Then it´s time for a city break. Here are some great places to start.
Desde a reciclagem e conservação de energia, a cuidar da fauna local e o uso de materiais de construção sustentáveis, estes lindos alojamentos fazem a sua parte para proteger o meio ambiente
Are you looking for the best places to de-stress, relax and to escape your hectic daily life? Our handpicked collection of accommodations and hotels will definitely let you recharge and revitalize.