Where to stay in Sicily

Sicily is one of the most beautiful and diverse islands in the Mediterranean. Located at the tip of the Italian boot, the island enchants with its rich culture, beautiful natural ambience and culinary delights. When visiting, be sure to visit the capital Palermo, on the north of the island. Here you will find great architecture - the city has a number of historic buildings, churches and palazzos. Palermo Cathedral and the Massimo Theatre are also great places to visit. Find a stylish boutique hotel in Palermo for your visit here.

So there are many reasons to visit Sicily, from the ancient temples and theatre sites to the idyllic beaches and crystal clear waters. There are also a number of picturesque coastal towns to visit. We have selected tastefully furnished holiday flats and beautiful small hotels in Sicily for you in many of them. Whether you are interested in history, culture, nature or food, Sicily has something for everyone.

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Activities - What you should see in Sicily

If you want to stay a little bit away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you should visit Cefalù. Cefalù is a little fishing village and a great place to visit the old harbour or to sunbathe on the beach. Cefalù has become a chic and extremely popular coastal town in recent years. If you want to avoid a lot of people, you should plan the timing of your visit here well. In Cefalù, you should definitely visit the Norman cathedral and the "Rock of Cefalù", La rocca di Cefalù. But a walk through the small streets of Cefalù is also a great way to discover the city.

The Etna volcano is another feature of Sicily that you should not miss. If you want to see it from afar, you should choose the towns of Taormina or Catania for this. Stay in one of our comfortable luxury hotels in Taormina. You can also take tours to Mount Etna from these cities. There are several guided tours from which you can choose the one that suits you - whether on foot or as a 4x4 vehicle tour, there are many ways to visit the impressive volcano. 

Catania, located near the volcano, is the second largest city in Sicily. Here you should definitely visit the Piazza del Duomo, with the "Fontana dell' Elefante". The city is also known for its rich selection of churches. A fish market in the city centre and various restaurants with fresh fish on the menu are also great places to visit. In Catania, we have a selected number of stylish hotels and quiet holiday apartments for you to choose from.

The city of Siracusa is also ideal for a trip. Stay here in a cosy holiday flat or a nice bed & breakfast. In Siracusa you should visit the rich archaeological heritage of the city. There is a Greek theatre from the time when Greek settlers lived on the island, where a Greek theatre festival is still held every year. You can also take a walk around the island of Ortigia. The island has other historical sights in the city of Siracusa. A wide variety of architectural styles can be admired here - from Greek, Roman or medieval Norman styles, everything can be found here. 

The pretty town of Modica should also be included in a visit. It offers many different things to do: Stroll through the winding alleys and over the picturesque squares of the old town or enjoy the delicious local cuisine. And for a sweet treat, head to the local chocolate museum. Modica is famous for its traditional chocolate. In the museum you can learn more about the history and preparation of chocolate. The beautiful beaches in the area should not be underestimated either. For your visit to Modica, you can find a chic holiday home or a rustic country hotel nearby.

Gastronomy - Discover the highlights of Sicilian cuisine

Because of its location in the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily's cuisine is strongly influenced by the surrounding regions, including Mediterranean and Arabic cuisine. 

One of the most famous dishes is probably pizza alla siciliana, pizza with tomato sauce, anchovies, olives and capers. Another popular dish is pasta alla Norma, pasta with tomato sauce, aubergines and ricotta. Sicilian cuisine is also known for its seafood and fish dishes. These include dishes like fish soups, anchovies or octopus.

Another great Sicilian dish is arancina, which are deep-fried rice balls with different fillings. A particularly tasty dessert is the Sicilian cannoli, a kind of layered dessert consisting of a crispy shell of dough and a sweet filling of ricotta, sugar and vanilla. 

Sicilian cuisine also uses many local and fresh ingredients - oranges, lemons and mandarins are plentiful. The island is also famous for its olive oil, pistachios and wine. 

Overall, Sicilian cuisine offers a fine mix of fresh, locally grown ingredients and different influences from Mediterranean and Arabic cuisine.



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