Seleção cuidada dos melhores hotéis boutique em França, pequenos hotéis de luxo e belas casas de férias em França

Hardly any other country in Europe is as diverse as France. Every region from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean is unique and bursting with history, art, culture, fashion, design and beautiful landscapes. The finest cuisine, wines and cheeses vie with a unique sense of style that makes it a simply irresistible proposition. Countless monuments, chateaux and abbeys and museums will keep even the most urbane traveler happy. For all its sophistication France also fiercely hangs on to its rural traditions and beliefs like no other modern country. In addition to its beautiful cities, France has managed to preserve its magnificent landscapes, mountain scenery and a village life of yesteryear with no apparent contradiction.

Although some of Frances regions are more famous than others, almost all of them are worth visiting. Be it for their natural beauty, the excellent local food, the romantic villages or chic cities. For those that have never visited France, Paris with its stylish city life and boutique hotels is a must. Next in line would be the Provence and nearby French Riviera, known as the Côte d'Azur, the Loire valley and its enchanting chateaux, Brittany with its rugged coast and lovely bed & breakfasts, Aquitaine in the south west. Food lovers will not want to miss the Périgord and Alsace.

Lista dos melhores hotéis de charme, pequenos hotéis de luxo, turismo rural com encanto, casas de férias e apartamentos em França:

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