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  • Truffle Season in Alba - our Secretplaces to stay.

    Alba Truffles. A destination. A lifestyle. For some even a currency. But for all of them a heavenly experience. The most wanted mushroom in the world has its prime time once again. Every year when fall turns into winter, masses of self-proclaimed... Ler post

    08 Novembro 2021
  • Percebes – a dangerous delicacy

    Have you ever tried some delicious percebes? If you have traveled to the western European Atlantic coast, you might have noticed them on the menu in some cute little restaurant right by the coast. However, this seafood is still one of the best-... Ler post

    20 Outubro 2021
  • San Giovanni d'Asso - The White Truffle Secret

    San Giovanni d'Asso, the white truffle secret. Following up on our last post about the truffle season in Northern Italy, we wouldn’t be Secretplaces if we would not have another secret spot up our sleeves: Truffles in Tuscany. Tuscany... Ler post

    28 Novembro 2021
  • Filé a Parmegiana – The only Italian dish you will not find in Italy

    You know how it is being taken to an Italian restaurant in some far away country wondering why you are not in a restaurant serving local food? Well, sometimes it is worth waiting before judging too soon. The good thing about food is that there are... Ler post

    26 Fevereiro 2021
  • Cha Gio Heo Tôm – Vietnamese spring rolls get the ball rolling

    Wanderlust can be quite persistent. I learned this the hard way at home on my couch. I was totally hungry after my Vietnam-trip this year and so I was longing for spring rolls. Authentic, Vietnamese spring rolls with a good filling. So I pulle... Ler post

    15 Janeiro 2021