Lucerne – Lake of Lucerne - mild climate, lake and Alps

Lake Lucerne with its wonderfully located city Lucerne not only represents breathtaking landscapes, but also the cradle of Switzerland. It was here at the Rütli that the three original cantons Uri, Unterwalden und Schwyz made their oath to create the “Eidgenossenschaft”.
Being protected by mountains the climate of the lake resembles the mild climate of the Ticino. On the lakes southern shores you will find many Mediterranean plants and trees.
Lucerne, the largest city on the lake is not only a great vantage point to discover the surroundings but also offers an interesting cultural programme. There is no lack of Lucerne hotels either. You will find something for every taste.
In Beckenried, the most beautiful village on the southern shores of lake Lucerne, you can indulge oi the local culinary delicacies or just relax on a terrace taking in the beautiful views.

Lucerne – Lake of Lucerne hotels & guesthouses

Choose from unique selection of romantic hotels in Lucerne and boutique hotels in Lucerne by clicking on the map or list on the right. These will highlight a wide selection of Lake Lucerne hotels, including small hotels and lakeside hotels in Lucerne, amongst others. Whatever your taste, we’ll help you find that perfect getaway on Lake Lucerne.

Activities in Lucerne

If you're interested in culture, you should definitely visit the KKL, where you find exhibitions, operas, musicals and orchestras.

Furthermore, there is a wide range of museums like the collection Rosengardt, the nature museum or the museum of transport.
The lion monument next to the glacier garden offers very nice tours and explanations about the monument itself. After a five minute walk you reach the Museggmauer (a old wall around the city with nine towers). If you go up there, you will enjoy a wonderful view!
Do you want to do a little trip? The mountains Rigi or Pilatus are a good choice!
In Lucerne, there are a lot of different festivals. The most famous one is the carneva, that they call Fasnacht. It starts in the end of January and ends in the middle of February. In this period you'll have parties all over the place. In the end of June, the bis Lucerne Festival will take place as a big highlight.

Eat and drink in Lucerne

There are definitely a lot of tourist traps in Lucerne, where you will get very little portions for unbelievable prices. Therefore, some nice places to go:
Grottino 1313: There's just one vegetarian and one meat meal per day, but it's absolutely amazing! You'll not find any tourists here. Normally it's full of locals.
Bolero: This Spanish restaurant serves typical food from the South. You can enjoy your high-quality dish in a cosy atmosphere.
Mill'Feuille: The place is located directly by the river and has a charming ambiance. You'll get small plates, so you can try different ones!
tibits: This place is the paradise for all the vegetarians and vegans! A huge buffet with a huge selection of food for every type of lifestyle.
Old Swiss House: The elegant restaurant with tasty food also offers an exquisite assortment of different vines.
The Fondue House: Here you can try the traditional Fondue (pot of cheese where you can dip your bread) of Switzerland.
By the way: If you want to try a typical Lucerne meal, you should order Chügelipastete, a special meat pie.
To make sure, you have an amazing night toll, you can have a look at the following bars:
Bourbaki: A cinema with an alternative bar. It's cosy and there are always a lot interesting people having a chat about life.
Nektar: This is a rooftop bar, where you can enjoy Lucerne in a different way. As it's a bit hidden, there are not a lot of tourists.
Mr. Pickwick Pub: A great English Pub with a lot of beer and fish and chips. It's located directly by the river.
Roadhouse: The perfect place for a drink, trendy music and a little dance.
Bar 59: A club with funny motto parties like the roller skate night.

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