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The captivating beauty of Venice has been known by travellers ever since. Being one of the world’s most important ports and trading-harbours, there is no other city that has so many historical sites and enchanting places like Venice. This picturesque city by the water with its thousand bridges has been an inspiration for countless books, plays and movies. Stroll along the narrow streets and channels, observe the Gondolas passing by or get lost in the magic of the Venetian Carnival. These are just some of the treasures the city has to offer you, and we are sure that after your next stay you will come home with beautiful memories. No matter if you are planning a weekend trip or a longer holiday, we are happy to help you organize your stay in this marvellous city. For your romantic stay we have made an exclusive selection of extraordinary holiday accommodations. No matter if you fancy a stylish Bed and Breakfast close to the lively Canal Grande, an elegant boutique hotel close to the famous San Marco Square or in the lesser known borroughs of Venice such as the Dorsoduro, our motivation is to find the best holiday accommodation for you and help you to plan a memorable stay

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Venice boutique hotels, palazzos and bed & breakfasts

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Venice - what to do

Culture Venice is world renowned for its festivals, and whilst some have been reinstated over the years for tourism purposes, they never fail to impress for their colour and sheer sophistication: Carnevale (Carnival), Festa della Sensa (Festival of the Ascension), Regata Storica (Historical regatta), Festa del Redentore (Feast of the Redeemer), Festa della Madonna della Salute (Our lady of Good Health) and San Martino: the cake.
Museums in Venice
the Academy Galleries house the major collections of Venetian painting from 1300 to 1700; the G. Franchetti Gallery houses important paintings, while Guggenheim collection exhibits international works of contemporary art. In the Palazzo Grassi, exhibitions of international interest are organized every year. In this beautiful city there are also: the Museum of the eighteenth century life in Venice with tapestries, attire, furniture and paintings; the National Gallery of Modern Art, the Oriental Museum and the Correr Museum, which is reserved to Renaissance masterpieces.

Gastronomy in Venice

Venice and the wider region of Veneto can lay claim, alongside Lombardy, to producing the best rice dishes in Italy. In part, this is due to the influence of products coming from the east which included the importing of not only rice but spices like nutmeg, cloves and cinnamon. Being a water based city, Venice is very keen on fish, a notable dish being Seppie in tegame (cuttlefish), Risotto al radicchio rosso (Risotto with red chicory) Filetto di manzo al vino (fillet of beed I wine).

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