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  • South Bahia, Brazil: Boipeba and Moreré

    This is the fourth of a series of 4 posts about the little paradises we found during our recent trip along the coast of Southern Bahia in Brazil. The other three are Trancoso, the only one that is a bit more known, at least in Brazil, Caraí... Ler post

    10 Setembro 2021
  • South Bahia, Brazil: Algodões and the Peninsula of Maraú

    This is the third of a series of 4 posts about the little paradises we found during our recent trip along the coast of Southern Bahia in Brazil. The other three are Trancoso, the only one that is a bit more known (at least in Brazil), Caraí... Ler post

    13 Agosto 2021
  • South Bahia, Brazil: Caraíva

    This is the second of a series of 4 posts about the little paradises we found during our recent trip along the coast of Southern Bahia in Brazil. Caraíva is one of our favourites. The other three are Trancoso, the only one that is a bit mor... Ler post

    28 Julho 2021
  • South Bahia, Brazil: Trancoso

    This is the first of a series of 4 posts about 4 little paradises we found during our recent trip along the coast of Southern Bahia in Brazil. Trancoso is the only one that is a bit more known, at least in Brazil. The other three (Caraíva... Ler post

    16 Julho 2021
  • Our newest collaboration - discover Venice with us!

    We are proud to announce our most recent collaboration with the German Golf Magazine Golf 'n' Style ! We had the pleasure to organize a short trip to the beautiful Italian city Venice for the team of Golf 'n' Style which they combined with a tr... Ler post

    01 Julho 2021
  • Viennas old-fashioned and yet beautiful charm

      We adore Austria, and especially its capital. Vienna is a nonconformist aristocrat. It cherishes its glorious historical patrimony without repressing its constant desire for new horizons.This beautiful city is perfect for a visit any t... Ler post

    19 Maio 2021
  • Sanlúcar de Barrameda – Manzanilla, Langostinos and Marismas

    I admit that I discovered Sanlúcar de Barrameda by coincidence many years ago and it never left my mind. At the time I was visiting Jerez de la Frontera and heard marvels about the Doñana National Park, one of Europe’s larg... Ler post

    12 Maio 2021
  • Soul Spaces – Places where you can let go

    The today's world is constantly changing and evolving. Every day, hour, minute and even every second an infinite number of things are happening. Adventures are being experienced, memories are being created and new concepts are being developed. The... Ler post

    04 Maio 2021
  • The best places to hike in Europe - make this summer wanderful!

    Taking care of our mind as well as our body has never been as important as now. There has been a change in attitude toward re-discovering nature, reconnecting with ourselves, and realizing the mental health benefits of exposure to the great outdoo... Ler post

    21 Abril 2021
  • Portugal’s best beaches – Life is even better with warm sand between your toes – The South

      Part 2: From Lisbon to the Algarve Although being on the same western coast, the ocean south of Lisbon is quite different to the one in the north. Big waves can be found here as well, but the water starts getting warmer and the waves... Ler post

    15 Abril 2021
  • Our best oceanfront hotels - sea so close, you can almost dip your toes in it!

    Sea so close, you can almost dip your toes in it – from your bedroom! Few things beat waking up in the morning to the soft, melodic sound of water lapping against the shore. Imagine having the ocean right on your doorstep, so close you can... Ler post

    14 Abril 2021
  • Portugal’s best beaches – Life is better with sand between your toes – The North

    Portugal’s best beaches: from Caminha (Minho) down to Lisbon When beautiful landscapes turn into golden sand just before they meet the waves of the Atlantic Ocean you are probably in Portugal. Long stretches of the 667 km of Portug... Ler post

    04 Abril 2021
  • Best destinations in Europe to see spring flowers

    1. Italy - Wild Poppy Fields in Tuscany When thinking of Tuscany, green valleys filled with sunflowers might be one of the first things that come to your mind. This is not the only thing that this beautiful area of Italy is famous for. From the... Ler post

    26 Março 2021
  • Andalusia – as fascinating as ever – a round trip

    It is a funny feeling when driving along the southern coast of Andalusia near Salobreña. In front of us the bright sunlight is reflected in myriads of small diamonds from the Mediterranean Sea. In the background the majestic snow covered mo... Ler post

    22 Março 2021
  • Discovering Iceland with real horse power

      “There is no more sagacious animal than the Icelandic horse. He is stopped by neither snow, nor storm, nor impassable roads, nor rocks, glaciers, or anything. He is courageous, sober, and surefooted. He never makes a false step,... Ler post

    11 Março 2021
  • Roundtrip North Portugal and Douro Vineyards

    Porto You should definitely spend two days in Porto at the beginning or at the end of the round trip through Northern Portugal. This beautiful city, previously forgotten by visitors, has become one of the most popular travel destinations in Portu... Ler post

    05 Março 2021
  • Filé a Parmegiana – The only Italian dish you will not find in Italy

    You know how it is being taken to an Italian restaurant in some far away country wondering why you are not in a restaurant serving local food? Well, sometimes it is worth waiting before judging too soon. The good thing about food is that there are... Ler post

    26 Fevereiro 2021
  • The Future is Green

    Green, greener, green hotels. Lately a special type of hotels has appeared in searches more and more often, but a lot of people don’t really know what this eco-friendly holiday option is all about. What is special about a green hotel, what i... Ler post

    21 Fevereiro 2021
  • Our Top Luxury Hotels

      We all love luxury. Being the pleasure of driving a nice and fancy car or the delight of enjoying a Ladurée macaron on the Champs Élysées, we all like and deserve to treat ourselves sometimes. Well, we thought abou... Ler post

    14 Fevereiro 2021
  • Comporta – a chic and stylish natural paradise

    Do you think mass tourism has conquered even the last remaining paradises of Europe? Not really. Those landscapes that make us look in awe at what nature can accomplish still exist. The area between the Sado estuary and the port city of Sines... Ler post

    06 Fevereiro 2021
  • Our best oceanfront and seaside hotels

      When the crowds of tourists start leaving the beaches and coastal areas and the weather become more mellow, it starts the best time to relax and enjoy the view across the water from your bedroom or hotel terrace. We have put together a... Ler post

    28 Janeiro 2021
  • Our best holiday villas in Portugal

    At Secretplaces we are always seeking to add new, exciting and stylish accommodation options. Last year we were able to begin working with some very exciting new partners all over Portugal. In this blog post we present you the best portuguese vill... Ler post

    21 Janeiro 2021
  • Wanderful Madeira

      „Madeira“ – means simply wood. And you can find lots of wood on the island, normally in form of many, many trees. I wanted to dive into the wonderfully natural world of this island, so, took my hiking shoes and searched... Ler post

    16 Janeiro 2021
  • Cha Gio Heo Tôm – Vietnamese spring rolls get the ball rolling

    Wanderlust can be quite persistent. I learned this the hard way at home on my couch. I was totally hungry after my Vietnam-trip this year and so I was longing for spring rolls. Authentic, Vietnamese spring rolls with a good filling. So I pulle... Ler post

    15 Janeiro 2021
  • Azores – Secretplaces Guide

    Up until a few years ago, you would be forgiven for not knowing much or anything at all about the Azores, a Paradisaical archipelago situated 800 miles from mainland Europe.  Fast forward and these luscious green islands in the middle of t... Ler post

    14 Janeiro 2021