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Schleswig Holstein - the most northern part of Germany, only a stone's throw away from Denmark. It's a region full of versatility, the opposite of boring. Surrounded by North sea and the Baltic Sea, tidelands and rich in beautiful beaches to relax. Active people will also love it: Wind surfing, walking through the tidelands, or cycling through the stunning landscapes of Schleswig-Holstein. Moreover, you'll find great cities and towns like Lauenburg, Lübeck or Kiel. 

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Hotels in Schleswig-Holstein

Choose from our unique selection of the most beautiful, authentic and romantic hotels in Schleswig-Holstein.  Whatever your taste, we’ll help you find that perfect getaway in Schleswig-Holstein.

Activities in Schleswig-Holstein

Believe it or not - there are forty lakes around Lauenburg. You will find rare birds and more extraordinary animals. In Lübeck, you can pass lonely and unforgettable moments at the beach of Travemünde or participate in a Speed dating with Lübeck's museums. In 15 minutes, each of them will wish to win your heart. Afterwards, you can decide whether you would like to extend your time in one (or more) of them. Kiel can best be explored from water: How about taking an exciting sailing trip? Visiting the Kiel Week (dt.: Kieler Woche) and watching a game of the most successful German handball team - that sounds like loads of fun, doesn't it? You see - if Schleswig Holstein hasn't been on your list yet, it's worth to put it on it! You'll find amazing nature, great cultural events and wonderful beaches. 


Close to the North and the Baltic Sea you will of course find plenty of fish. Horseradish, Bismarck herring and sprats. There are so many kinds of it and even more ways to prepare it. But beside fish, there are also many locally produced cheeses, jams made of rose blossoms and more. Buy it from the local farm shops or at the market and enjoy the fantastic taste of those delicacies - you won't regret it!  But don't miss the distilleries: Whiskey, brandy and Friesengeist - a local schnaps made of herbs. This will be a merry evening!

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Diga que "Sim" em um dos nossos lindos alojamentos e faça do seu dia especial um momento para recordar. Seja em um castelo aconchegante, em uma mansão magnífica ou na beira de uma falésia, com vista para o mar, reunimos aqui uma pequena amostra de sítios para você escolher.