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How on earth is it possible for a country to have so many islands. The Cyclades, for example is a group of roughly 220 of them, and some of the most famous islands to boot, such as Santorini, Mykonos, Andros, Naxos… the list goes on - only 216 to go.
When you look at one of those picture perfect postcard of the Greek Islands, the ones with clear blue sea, whitewashed houses perched precariously on the cliffs, it’s a fair bet that it comes from one of the Cyclades islands.
Of course, such a combination of beauty, nature, history and sea does bring with it the problem of overcrowding, especially in high season so we strongly suggest a visit in the early season (May to June) and post season (September to October). Plus off-peak rates are much better and the sun loses its power to burn as much.

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Cyclades islands - Hotels

Choose from our unique selection of romantic hotels in the Cyclades islands by clicking on the map or list on the right. These will highlight a wide selection of hotels, including boutique Andros hotels, guesthouses bed & breakfasts, amongst others. Whatever your taste, we’ll help you find that perfect getaway in the Cyclades.

Cyclades islands - What do see

On Sifnos you can enjoy amazing sunsets, traditional festivals and numerous markets. Furthermore, pottery is very important here. You can watch the experts and have a look at the wonderful creations.
Milos is the island of colors due to the volcanic origin, the nice beaches and the colorful houses.
In the capital of Syros, Ermoupolis, are located a lot of neoclassical buildings, the Apollo theatre, churches and the amphitheatre. Also, it's worth it to see the village Ano Syros with his cathedral and the Capuchin monastery.
The biggest of the Cyclades islands is Naxos, which has a unique mix of beach culture and old ruins.

Cyclades islands - Gastronomy

The Greek olive oil is absolutely essential in the cuisine of the Cyclades Islands and gives a special touch to the dishes.
In addition, fresh fish and seafood convince with an intensive taste.
For meat lovers, there is cooked or grilled lamb and goat with vegetables of the season. Of course, you will also have the opportunity to try delicate buffalo, tasty chicken and pork.
Do you feel like having a light salad? The typical Greek salad always contains feta cheese made of goat or sheep milk.
Two wonderful delicatecies are the honey from Mainalos and the unique saffron of Kozani.

Ideias de viagens, itinerários e os melhores lugares para ficar

Apenas casado ou simplesmente apaixonado? Dê uma olhada nos nossos hotéis e turismos de habitação mais românticos, elegantes e idílicos. Elegância luxuosa ou ambiente bonito, a escolha é ampla…
Feche os olhos e imagine: apenas você, as montanhas, os vales ou o mar. Fuja da rotina diária e aproveite a magia da natureza em um de nossos refúgios isolados em um ambiente incrível.
Hotéis e casas de férias ideais para crianças e pais. Deixe seus filhos curtirem a natureza e as tradições locais na companhia de outras pessoas com muitas coisas únicas para fazer…
Take part of the laid back village life, stroll along cobblestone streets, dine in small traditional restaurants and smile at the locals on the main square.
Desde a reciclagem e conservação de energia, a cuidar da fauna local e o uso de materiais de construção sustentáveis, estes lindos alojamentos fazem a sua parte para proteger o meio ambiente