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The original alpha city of the world, there’s a saying that “He who is tired of London is tired of life”. It may sound a bold statement but in truth, no one in their right mind can ever get bored in London. There is simply too much to see and so in this vibrant multicultural city.
A few statistics will back up what we mean. Shop till you drop in some of the finest stores in the world – you can choose from some 40,000. Visit the finest museums and galleries – 300 of them. Try food from any corner of the world, you have over 7000 restaurants to select from.

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London - culture and entertainment

London has undergone quite a revolution in the food stakes over the last few years. Once known for its uninspired cuisine, London is now in many respects one of the food capitals of the world serving up, as it were, an incredible variety dishes and raw materials. If you don’t believe us, just visit Borough Market on the weekend near London Bridge and see for yourself the amazing variety of cheeses, meats, fruits on offer. In fact, Borough Market has become one of the city’s landmark tourist destinations in its own right. Well worth a visit.

And if you are into music then you are well catered for with over 400 venues, whether it's classical, pop, or rock or alternative. We have already mentioned that Borough Market is one of London’s delights. Yet it is only one of many markets – too many to mention here, at least. Portobello, Camden Market, Brick Lane or Notting Hill are just some of the other most famous ones, but dig deeper and you find countless others, some of them more authentic and intimate than the big boys. This is just scratching the surface.
Yet despite its massive size and energy, the fact is that in many ways, London remains a collection of villages. Chelsea, Kensington, Hampstead, and countless other communities retain their own unique feel and architecture. Seek and you shall find… anything! Indeed, you should never get tired of London.

Gastronomy in London

English food doesn't have a really good reputation but notwithstanding, you should try the famous English breakfast with eggs, warm tomatoes, beans and sausages. 
If you feel like visiting a real street food market in London, you can go to Maltby St. Market. There you'll also get the chance to taste the famous fish and chips.
In the evening, you can do a pub crawl through the centre of London, where you can find out yourself if the English beer is as good as said.
Are you hungry after a party night? Let's go to the Brick Lane Beigel Bakery, where you can eat bagels all day and night.
Last but not least: The unique tea time is more than just a normal cup of tea. It goes hand in hand with a wide selection of delicious pastries and cakes.

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